#HerVote Presents: back to school, back to the ballot.

Here we introduce you to your school committee candidates in the 1st episode of our series: Back to school, back to the ballot.

In this icebreaker, the candidates will tell us their favorite restaurant in Cambridge!

#HerVote Presents: Back to School Back to the Ballot Icebreaker Question

#HerVote Presents: Women on incarceration and suffrage

Check out our most recent forum where we discuss Activism, School to Prison Pipeline, Restoring the Right of Incarcerated People, Private Prison System, and Voter Education in the Incarceration System.

Our Panelists include:

Nia Reid-Patterson ~ Emancipation Initiative

Halima Osman ~ CRLS Student

Razan Dareer ~ CRLS Student

#HerVote Presents: Election 2020 Poster

Do you want to participate in the Election of 2020 but you can not vote? Do you want your voice to be amplified? Please make a #HerVote Election 2020 Poster and share it on Instagram or Twitter using #HerVote. You will make history, influence others, and participate in determining the future!

#HerVote Poster Video Walk-through

The video above will walk you through the process!!!

#HerVote Election 2020 Poster

Click the image above to create your own #HerVote Election 2020 Poster!!!! Prefer to download to PDF? Click here: #HerVote Election 2020 Poster PDF Link

Post on Instagram or Twitter using #HerVote and Make History!!!

#HerVote Presents: Youth in politics & THE DEBATE TO LOWER THE VOTING AGE

Check out our most recent forum concerning Youth in Politics & the Debate to Lower the Voting Age. In this forum our members engage with:

~Routh Derege: President of the CRLS Senior Class and President of the Black Student Union at CRLS

-Aleahna Lartey: Co-President of the CRLS Student Government and Co-President of the Intersectional Feminist Club

-Ava Austin-Spooner: Co-President of Intersectional Feminism club and a delegate to the 2020 Massachusetts Democratic Convention

#HerVote presents: Women in Politics

Check out our forum hosted by the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University. In this forum our student engage the City of Cambridge Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Councilor (who are all women) in a conversation around Black Lives Matter, their lived experience as women in politics, personal reflections, as well as means of civic engagement for young people!

Who we are

We are a student-led movement from Cambridge Rindge & Latin School working in partnership with Harvard University & the City of Cambridge. We conduct interviews of women in our community and preserve their voices.


Mission Statement

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, #HerVote seeks to collect, publish, and preserve the voices of women today by asking the question:

Are you going to participate in the 2020 Election, why and how?